Project Two: Iphone 5 case/sock/pocket/pouch

Project number 2 was a quick and necessary creation as I had my shiny new iPhone coming and of course Apple didn’t have any cases ready for it and I am too clumsy to leave my phone ‘naked’. So I had some glittery thread wool that I was using for the wrist warmers so I thought I’d try and whip one up as quickly as I could. I adapted and culminated a couple of patterns to create this one but I’m afraid I’ve no idea about gauges etc so it’s probably better to go by measurements rather than stitches but I’m posting both for the ribbed stitch at the top and measurements for the rest.

The measurements of the iPhone 5 are as follows. Handy to know if you want to adapt the pattern yourself.

Height: 4.87 inches/123.8 mm

Width: 2.31 inches/58.6 mm

Depth: 0.30 inches/7.6 mm

I folded the sock from the bottom up so you stitch both sides together. Reason being you can adjust the size a bit easier if you feel your stitches will stretch too much and won’t hold the phone as securely as you’d like.

Cast on 14.

NOTE: If you think your ribbed stitches will stretch enough and want more security at the top to keep the phone in cast on less stitches and add up to 14 for the garter stitch.

Ribbed stitch:

Row 1. Purl 2/Knit 2.

Row 2. Knit 2/Purl 2.

Repeat this for 6 rows or for about 1 inch/25.5 mm.

Garter stitch for 9 inches/230 mm.

Then back to ribbed stitch.

Row 1. Knit 2/Purl 2.

Row 2. Purl 2/Knit 2.

Repeat for 6 rows or about 1 inch.

Stitch up the sides.

Embellish any way you wish!



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