My apologies…

I have been a very bad blogger and I promised myself I wouldn’t do this with my blog but, alas, time has got away with me!

Anyway to make up for it I shall be posting a lot more as I have just purchased a Silhouette Cameo. This will throw me right into papercraft (well, all crafts really). I have done a lot of papercraft before but I think this will make my work a lot more detailed, versatile and professional.

Obviously I don’t want to be a ‘professional’, I want to keep my crafting fun, but I think this will mean that the ideas that bubble in my brain will actually share some resemblance to what will be the end product (hopefully)! Everyone who creates will probably know what I mean, we have this wonderful card/cake/dress/creation in our minds and we know exactly what it should look like and for the most part we know how we will create it. However, when we finish it doesn’t always look the way we had planned. I think, well hope, this Cameo will go a long way in making that creation look exactly how I want it to.

I’m also hoping it will advance my sewing machine skills as the cutting out will be done for me therefore getting rid of that annoying chore!

It should arrive tomorrow but in the meantime I have been watching videos and reading tutorials on how to use it so I don’t have to spend so much time studying the instructions and I can just get on and craft.

Below are some of the creations I’m wanting to try out and hopefully I’ll be posting about them very soon….






Ams xx


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