Silhouette Cameo Love… Bunting

I’ve done a few little projects with my Silhouette Cameo since it arrived last week but they have been rather small so far. The odd card, embellishment and little gift bag. However, I found this gorgeous free cut file from the of a ‘Love in 10 languages’ banner. It’s a beautiful creation and Lauren from The Thinking Closet used burlap to mount the hearts which gave me an idea.

I’d just bought a decopatch (I think it’s called ‘mod podge’ in the US) heart garland base and some new papers with a knitting effect print so when they arrived I set to work and decopatched the small set of 5 hearts.


Then with cream cardstock I used my Cameo and resized the hearts slightly so they’d fit on the decopatch base and then set the Cameo to cut!

I then just used thin layers of the decopatch glue and pasted them onto the hearts. The card was quite dense so it kept it’s colour and shape even with the glue on but I was still more sparing than usual with it just in case.


I used some normal packing string to hang them. They didn’t need any colour to distract from the hearts themselves. I was really pleased with how they came out. They look good close up but from a distance they’re really effective.


They’re a housewarming gift for some friends so I hope they enjoy them.

These were surprisingly easy so I’ll hopefully be posting more successful Cameo projects soon!

Ams x




5 thoughts on “Silhouette Cameo Love… Bunting

  1. This warms my heart to no end! Amsical, I’m delighted to know that you were able to use my cut file and create a love banner of your own…and that knitted paper is the bee’s knees! So cozy looking. (Thanks for the shout-out, too.) Would it be okay if I featured this project at the end of the summer in my Reader Showcase? It would involve one image and a link back to this post! I just get so excited to see people using my tutorials and want to show y’all off to the world! 😉

    • Hi Lauren,

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I loved the cut file you created so I was really pleased this came out so well. Thanks for the inspiration.
      Please feel free to feature it in your ‘Reader Showcase’, I would be delighted if you did.

      I’m really proud of this project so thank you for creating the cut file and thank you again for the inspiration!
      Ams x

      • You are so welcome! Thank YOU for sharing your creative rendition; in turn, you’ve been an inspiration to me. Will be sure to feature you at the end of September when that post comes out! Thanks for your permission. 😉

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