More Silhouette Cameo Love!

Having mastered (well ‘mastered’ is probably pushing it a bit but anyway…) the arts of decopatch (mod podge) and silhouette cut outs I decided to make another gift for a friend along the same lines as my love banner but with one larger heart.

I used the same process, decorated my heart using the decopatch/mod podge method and then did a cut out using some textured card and putting it through my Silhouette Cameo.


I used some paper in rich browns and golds so it was bold enough to show through because this time I didn’t have the same cut file to use.

I’ve designed a couple of these in my Silhouette Studio but only cut out this one so far. I use a stencil font and the initials of the people I’m making the gift for. The letters are quite wide but to make sure there is enough of a cut out to show the decorated heart underneath, I also put a flourish below the letters. In this case though, instead of flourishes, I put the silhouettes of two of their Golden Retrievers.


I’m not quite sure about how this one has turned out. I think it needs an outline around the letters and dogs so I’m going to try and go around them with my trusty sharpie, just lightly around the edge to give them a bit more definition.

This was just after it’s last coat of PVA which is why you can see white bits!


I’ve got two more of these to do and I’m probably going to do the others with an outline. I might do the outline with my sketch pens in the Silhouette however to make it look a little neaher.

Anyway, still quite proud of how they’ve turned out!

Ams x


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