Home Decor (or the reason I have kept my sanity over the last few months)

So as you can see, I haven’t posted much in a while and there is a very good reason for that. Unfortunately I haven’t been very well and my health has deteriorated rather rapidly over the last few months. I can’t work anymore which is driving me slowly crazy but I’ve decided to make a new start. I’m going to try and create and blog as much as I can between napping and having my dressings done ( a very long and painful process now, not that it wasn’t before, but not like this.) My mornings are basically a pain party and then I have a nap. However my motivation for doing something after that is very thin on the ground, mainly because I only have a couple of hours before I start getting ready for tea and spending time with my family and I usually spend those couple of hours watching old episodes of the Gilmore Girls.

I want that to change but before it does, I want to show you what I did manage to do in those few absent months.

I had an extension built onto my bedroom to help with my care. I’ve had a small kitchenette and a bathroom linked to my bedroom and I can’t begin to tell you how much it has helped (although my adapted bath which is meant to help me and cut down the very painful walks and movements I have to make, is still not installed after almost 13 weeks due to the appalling and uncaring staff in the Adult Social Care department up here in North Yorkshire, but that’s another story). I’ve also loved it because I have been able to decorate and furnish everything from scratch.

My first thought was the colour I was going to paint my rooms. I went for the same colour all the way through with one darker coloured wall in my bedroom so as not to make the smaller rooms look more enclosed as opposed to cosy. My Dad actually mixed the paint for me, these were the two colours I chose, both from the neutrals pallet.

Image       Image


‘Soft Stone’ and ‘Dusted Fondant’

These colours mixed beautifully and my feature wall was painted with just ‘Dusted Fondant’ so it just added that bit of bolder colour. Although usually I would have thought of something different for the bathroom tiles colour wise, I actually wanted it to flow through due to the layout of the rooms, so I went for a similar colour with large tiles in a ‘Soft Stone’ sort of colour but the mosaic border had purple, pink, blue and neutral small tiles scattered all the way through it.

As for general decoration and furnishing, things came together by mistake really. I loved the duck egg and turquoise colours I’d seen around the home departments of stores or websites I’d been pouring over so the first burst of colour was a duck egg blue light shade and an old 1950’s advertising clock. In the kitchen I stuck with the retro theme, although purely by chance, I just chose what I loved the look of, right down to my tea and coffee containers.



These were actually Vintage by Wayne Hemingway at John Lewis. I loved them, the colours and the style just fit in with how my kitchen was working out. Even my kettle had worked out well, a Russell Hobbs Heritage Kettle,  a spontaneous Tesco Direct buy with some club card points I’d managed to save and the fact that they had a cream one.

My actual kitchen cabinets seem nothing to write home about, simple off white doors with brushed metal handles, but they provide the perfect background to the kitchen appliances and accessories. The icing on the cake was a cute art print ‘Home’ in the style of Rob Ryan which was £7 with frame.



As for the bathroom, well that is still a work in progress but I hope to post some photos when it’s finally finished.

As for furniture in my bedroom, well there was very little I could actually do as I was keeping things the way they were. However I stripped my walls and started all over again with my decoration there. Photo’s are having much more of a significance in my life and therefore my decoration at the moment so I customised some plain white small photo frames from Ikea and with a bit of glue and washi-tape (you know how I  love my wash-tape!). Frames were £6 altogether and the washi-tape was from a pack of eight for £5 from Paperchase. To top it off I hooked up Bellatrix Lastranges’ wand that I bought from the Harry Potter Studio Tour.








My wardrobe is a pet hate of mine. It’s built into the wall so short of ripping the whole thing out, re-plastering the wall and then buying another one, there’s not much I can do to it. But….. a-ha! Washi-tape to the rescue once again! I just decorated round the edges of the doors and they look great! I then revamped the handles and there was a pack of 6 pairs of handles for £2 in Ikea, you can’t really say no the that can you



Sorry, not one of my best photographic works of art. Anyway I got a bit of a bug then and wash-taped my large wall unit that houses my cupboards and TV. I chose the same colour but a different shade, I didn’t want matchy-matchy.

And finally…. to spruce up my wall behind my bed I chose the wall art decal’s again but I went for a more colourful decal as opposed to black. It was a huge sticker set for just £7.99 (eBay) but it meant I was able to stick to a colour scheme instead of using all the stickers and introducing more colours into the room I was able to stick to the palette I’d been going with.

IMG_2017       IMG_2019



After that it was just a matter of the added extras. I’d had a duck egg blue clock for a while but I changed it’s position as it fitted in much better being surrounded by my bits and pieces. Most of it was given to me by my sister. She picked up some beautiful prints and decorations on her travels and wandering around shops down in London where she lives. I’d been dying to put them all up and now I had the chance to.




There are still bits and pieces I’ve added around the rooms which I haven’t photographed but they all add to the style of the three rooms. My next job is sorting out the lighting for my bathroom as I don’t like the large harsh light that’s already in there, but that’s a whole other blog post….


Ams xxx



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