Red Noses for Red Nose Day!

I thought I’d post my pattern for the red noses. It’s very simple and you will all probably know this kind of pattern much better than I but I’ll post it anyway!

I got to this pattern just by looking at a few ball patterns and getting the idea. Once I’d knitted a couple I got the size I was looking for. They’re only a few centimetres (definitely no more than 5cm I’d say, maybe slightly bigger than a golf ball) but they’re a good size. Not too big, not too small.

I used 4mm Needles. This was because of my wool. It was just standard DK Wool in bright red.

Cast on 6.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl and increase every stitch. (By increase I didn’t Yarn Over, this will cause massive gaps as I quickly realised. My Mum taught me the purl front then knit into the back method which created 2 stitches. There’s some good youtube videos on this if you’re not sure)

You should have 12 stitches.

Row 3. Knit

Row 4. Purl

Row 5. Knit and increase every stitch. (Knit into front and back, again youtube have some good videos if, like me, you’d never done this before).

You should have 24 stitches.

Rows 1-9*. Beginning with Purl row, use Stocking Stitch (Or any stitch you’d prefer. This will make up the main middle of your nose) for around 9 rows

*I always did an odd number but always kept it around 9. 7 and 11 only changed the size ever so slightly.

Row 10. Knit2tog to the end of the row. (Decreasing)

You should have 12 stitches.

Row 11. Purl

Row 12. Knit

Row 13. Purl2tog to end of row. (Decreasing)

You should have 6 stitches.

Row 14. Knit

Then, Mum taught me this, instead of casting off, cut the yarn (leave a decent amount) and pass it through the last stitches/loops. Then pull it reasonably tight. This makes it easier to sew together.

Then sew up sides and bottom, leave an opening for the stuffing, stuff it, then complete sew up while leaving some yarn for a loop at the top to hang them up!

I also stuck some googley eyes on the noses with some good silicone glue. Most decent glues will work as long as they are OK for wool!

Ams xx


Do something funny for money…

This year Comic Relief’s fundraising is centred around doing something funny for money. This Red Nose Day (March 15th) and the days leading up to it will have people fundraising by doing pretty silly things. I was ill off work last friday and decided to join the masses. I’m knitting red noses and getting people to sponsor me for it. Thankfully a lot of people sponsoring me also want a nose so I won’t be stuck with a load of knitted balls with crazy eyes.

Twittermillion is ran on twitter by celebrities who have their own teams, you join their teams and raise £50 for Red Nose Day. I started raising money through this because I thought it was a reasonable amount to raise. As I was knitting I obviously joined Katie Allsopp’s team and so far I have raised just over £200. I’m so chuffed! I will blog again when I’ve finished fundraising.

Wristwarmers/Fingerless gloves.

So I eventually got round to making a pair of fingerless gloves. Forced by a time limit I managed to get a pair finished in some lovely dusky pink cashmerino wool. I found a great pattern on Ravelry and knitted these for my cousin-in-law to be. She marries my cousin a week on Saturday and I can’t make it, what with it being in Australia. Apparently though she’s always cold so thought this would be the perfect gift.


I also made a little pouch for a gift I found on Etsy but it didn’t come in time so I’m sending it on. This was created just of the back of learning a type of stitch and I made a pattern from there. I will post it at some point!
Here’s the pouch.

Knitted Pouch



Ams xx

Project Two: Iphone 5 case/sock/pocket/pouch

Project number 2 was a quick and necessary creation as I had my shiny new iPhone coming and of course Apple didn’t have any cases ready for it and I am too clumsy to leave my phone ‘naked’. So I had some glittery thread wool that I was using for the wrist warmers so I thought I’d try and whip one up as quickly as I could. I adapted and culminated a couple of patterns to create this one but I’m afraid I’ve no idea about gauges etc so it’s probably better to go by measurements rather than stitches but I’m posting both for the ribbed stitch at the top and measurements for the rest.

The measurements of the iPhone 5 are as follows. Handy to know if you want to adapt the pattern yourself.

Height: 4.87 inches/123.8 mm

Width: 2.31 inches/58.6 mm

Depth: 0.30 inches/7.6 mm

I folded the sock from the bottom up so you stitch both sides together. Reason being you can adjust the size a bit easier if you feel your stitches will stretch too much and won’t hold the phone as securely as you’d like.

Cast on 14.

NOTE: If you think your ribbed stitches will stretch enough and want more security at the top to keep the phone in cast on less stitches and add up to 14 for the garter stitch.

Ribbed stitch:

Row 1. Purl 2/Knit 2.

Row 2. Knit 2/Purl 2.

Repeat this for 6 rows or for about 1 inch/25.5 mm.

Garter stitch for 9 inches/230 mm.

Then back to ribbed stitch.

Row 1. Knit 2/Purl 2.

Row 2. Purl 2/Knit 2.

Repeat for 6 rows or about 1 inch.

Stitch up the sides.

Embellish any way you wish!


Project One: Wrist warmers.

I have done quite a few projects and creations but this is my first via this blog. I’m making two pairs of wristwarmers. Similar to these I found on the Ravelry site.

However I’ve found a slightly different pattern and I’ve got a deep purple/brown wool with glitter. I haven’t found the bows for it yet but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’m hoping to knit two pairs. One for my friend and one for my future…. cousin in law? She’s marrying my cousin anyway. And unbelievably although she is Australian and they live in beautiful Brisbane, she is always cold. So these are strangely the perfect present!

I shall update this as I go…. if I go.


Ams xx

Wish I had spotted one of these. What a little genius this person is. Is this the london equivalent of yarn bombing up here?

Joe Blogs

My friend Darren sent me a linkto these rather excellent alternative London Underground signs…

(click image above for link to original photographers blog)

Apparently they’ve been appearing for some time now, but like 99% of passengers, I’m sad to say I’ve missed them..

They’ve been done so well, that to a regular commuter, their utter familiarity as part of an accepted, everyday visual clutter, results in them becoming almost invisible, losing all meaning beyond their colour and shape..

Well it’s a lesson learnt for me. I usually pride myself on at least attempting to see beyond the day to day, and resist the automatic filters that city life can generate.

Rest assured, that I will certainly be keeping a much sharper lookout for these signs from now on… How I would’ve loved to have noticed Shepherd’s Pie, overground, Gas mark 4 on a journey into work, it would have…

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