It’s All About Me……

I’m Ams and I’ve had a couple of blogs in my time. None of which have ever been used properly or kept up to date or in  fact interesting. The only things I’ve ever been able to keep up with are twitter and facebook. However I’m hopeful about this one.

This blog will house all my crafty creations. I became quite ill last year due to my condition (EB, see below) that I’ve had all my life and due to not sleeping at night I ended up watching a dodgy shopping channel which sold craft products. It had the odd segment which showed you how to make things so I ended up ordering things in the dead of night and making things. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands since then and although I’m quite a bit better, I’ve got a bit addicted to the craft!!

The other thing you should probably know about me is that I have a condition called EB. It’s a genetic skin condition and among many other problems it causes me, it has left my hands deformed (hence my sub-header). I have no fingers on my left hand, it is just a fist, and on my right I just have a small thumb and no fingers. So this blog is a record of my achievements. They’re not much to your regular Joe but they’re not the easiest things for me to create so I wanted to document them.

I will post photos and what the creations were for and sometimes I’ll explain how I did them. This is mainly for me. I’d like to keep a sort of portfolio of the things I do, good or bad, as most things I create are given away never to be seen by me again. If other people see this blog and like it then that is just a bonus!


Update. I’m not as well as I was when I wrote this section. I can’t really go out much due to the pain I’m in and how much energy it sucks out of me. I have some beautiful people around me who come and visit me all the time and a lot of them are interested in what I’d been crafting which is why I have carried on. It’s difficult because my care now takes so long that once I’ve finished it, then had a nap to recharge my batteries, it’s often the middle of the afternoon. So time can be a bit of a factor but I try and get as much done as I can with my days. I hate wasting them, it makes me angry with myself. 

I think my crafting is a saviour for me right now. It’s my project, my job, it’s what’s keeping me going because right now I have nothing else. Well, I’m doing my family tree too but you know what I mean…

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